Securely store your sensitive information with our end to end encryption


With TozStore securing your data is easy, as our platform and SDKs do all of the cryptography for you. Integrating TozStore is a simple process:

  1. Create an account at the Tozny Dashboard and create your registration token here. This registration token is what lets you create your clients.

  2. Using the SDK of your choice, create a client with your new registration token and begin writing encrypted data to TozStore.

1. Install SDK

We provide a number of SDK's in different languages, feel free to choose the one that best suits your needs.

2. Create a Client

Creating a client is a quick process, but remember that these credentials are private and should be handled with care. If these credentials are lost there is no way to recover your data, as we do not store them by default.

import e3db

client_name = 'example name'

public_key, private_key = e3db.Client.generate_keypair()

# Register your client
client_info = e3db.Client.register(token, client_name, public_key)

config = e3db.Config(

# To save this Configuration to disk, do the following:

# Instantiate your client to communicate with TozStore
client = e3db.Client(config())

3. Encrypt Your Data

Tozny's SDKs handle the encryption for you, all you need to provide is the data. See Record Structure for details on how you can best structure your data.

import e3db

client = e3db.Client(
  # config

record_type = 'contact'
data = {
    'first_name': 'Jon',
    'last_name': 'Snow',
    'phone': '555-555-1212'

metadata = {
  'house' : 'Stark'

record = client.write(record_type, data, metadata)

Have questions? Contact us at help@tozny.com

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