The TOZ Platform has evolved over a decade of collaboration with renowned institutions such as DARPA, NIST, EPRI, and the NIH, enabling it to offer an all-encompassing solution for fostering trust among people and organizations. Its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, delivered through user-friendly APIs and SDKs, streamlines the development of trustworthy digital products and connected devices.

Why TOZ is Different

Building digital trust into products and connected devices

The fundamental pillars of cybersecurity are identity, access, and encryption. Many cybersecurity technologies are flawed due to the lack of consistent application of encryption, and its separate management from identity. TOZ resolves this issue by offering a purely cryptographic strategy for controlling access.

The cornerstone of this framework is identicryption (IDEC), an innovative amalgamation of identity-based encryption and end-to-end encryption methodologies. IDEC is expertly designed in conjunction with advanced identity management, decentralized tokens, and request brokering to fulfill the architectural requirements.

When implemented, IDEC facilitates the coordination of identity management, privileged access management, and secure storage functions, functioning harmoniously as a unified system.

Through SDKs, APIs and federation, the TOZ Platform integrates into existing IT infrastructure to bring the benefits of IDEC to any product, service, or enterprise.


Identity is everything so everything has an identity

TOZ ID provides identity management for people, apps, services, and devices. TOZ ID provides IdP and Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality and can be federated to IdP services like Azure Active Directory (AAD) or Okta. TOZ ID provides a secure foundation for integrating identity into all aspects of data and access management.

Protecting identity is paramount for building trust. TOZ ID supports a wide variety of MFA schemes and can support custom authentication schemes of all types. Supporting TOZ ID are TOZ Auth and TOZ Token which extend the reach of TOZ ID and reduce friction during user authentication.


Cryptographic role based access control

At the heart of the TOZ Platform is priviledged access management (PAM) functionality to manage access and privileges completely cryptographically. This cryptographic approach to access management is the backbone to building new trust relationships between individuals and organizations. TOZ PAM enables fine grain control of data access while also supporting sophisticated policies for limiting access. For example, access can be limited to time periods or defined number of uses as well as requiring additional approval at time of access.

TOZ Store

Flexibly store heterogeneously encrypted data

TOZ Store provides a convenient method for managing the datastores where encrypted data rests.

Software Development Kits

Identity management and end-to-end encryption can be fully integrated into your product thanks to our robust SDKs. We support a variety of languages and platforms including web front-end, Android, iOS, and server-side back-end. Please see the SDK documentation for details or visit our Github.

Learn More and Contact Us

Please visit tozny.com for more information, or feel free to contact us to discuss your needs with our team. You can also learn more about IDEC in our new white paper.

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