Slack (Quick Setup)

How to quickly configure Slack for TozID SSO for your workplace or organization.

What You'll Need

  • Your Tozny account - create one free here

  • Admin access to your Slack team configuration and a Slack Plus subscription or better

  • About 15 minutes of time

Configure TozID for Slack SSO

Create a new client application by logging into your TozID realm, selecting clients from the left menu, and clicking "create" on the top right. Select Slack from the drop down menu as shown in the screenshot below.

Your Slack domain is simply your organization name assigned by slack. So if you sign in at your site domain is ""

Configure Slack

Navigate to your organization authentication settings and enable SAML Single Sign-On. To find this setting go to your Slack admin page, select Authentication from the left menu, and select the "SAML Authentication Settings" menu button. Below is a table of the configuration settings and the corresponding values as well as a screenshot of the completed settings.


SAML 2.0 Endpoint<realm>/protocol/saml/clients/slack

Identity Provider Issuer<realm>

Public Certificate

Paste your certificate

Update profile on login


Allow users to change email


Advanced - Sign AuthnRequest


Service Provider

Responses Signed


Assertions Signed


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