Freshdesk (Quick Setup)

This describes the steps necessary to complete the Freshdesk integration when using the rapid setup guide in TozID.

What You'll Need

  • Your Tozny account - create one free here
  • Admin access to your Freshdesk account
  • About 15 minutes to complete the setup

Configure TozID

Create a new client application in TozID by logging into your realm, navigating to clients, and selecting "create".
Create Freshdesk Client Screen
Enter the following values and select save.
Client ID
Any unique string to identify this client. Example: fresh-desk
Base URL
Freshdesk Login URL. Example:
Redirect URL
Copy from Freshdesk configuration
Freshdesk Redirect URL Screen

Configure Freshdesk

Login to your Freshdesk admin account. Select "security from the left menu. Click on “Default Login Method”.
Enable “SSO Login” and edit “SSO with OIDC” if it is already present under “Configured SSOs”.
Freshdesk Enable SSO Screen
If there is no “SSO with OIDC” under “Configured SSOs” then add a new one.
Freshdesk Add SSO
Click “+ Add another SSO” and choose “IdP of your choice” – “OIDC”.
IdP of your Choice Screen
Configure the following values(Create Freshdesk client in TozID and edit it to get the below values):
Client Id
Client Id from TozID Client Settings Tab
Client secret
Secret from TozID Client Credentials Tab
Authorization URL
Authorization URL from TozID Client Credentials Tab
Access token URL
Access token URL from TozID Client Credentials Tab.
Example Freshdesk Configuration
TozID Client ID
TozID Credentials

Freshdesk's Login Button

Click Advanced Options and Add Button Label as "Login with TozID".
Freshdesk SSO Login Button

Wrapping Up

Select save and ensure your users are correctly configured in TozID. The same users should also be inside Freshdesk. Once completed, you should be able to sign into Freshdesk agent portal with TozID. Having issues? Reach us at [email protected]