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Generating Client Credentials

Regardless of how you choose to generate client credentials and register clients, you will need to use the Tozny Dashboard, a collection of Tozny tools. Create a free account with Tozny. Save this link for easy, future use.

The first way to generate client credentials is go to the Dashboard then Clients tab and click the action button to create a new client, then gather the client's credentials presented as a JSON. In this one action, the Dashboard will generate the needed keys, register the client with TozStore and receive the resulting TozStore client ID and credentials needed to authenticate with the Tozny API. Additionally an encrypted back-up of the client's credentials in TozStore. To avoid having a backup created read on for how to create clients programatically below.

This same workflow can be implemented using a TozStore SDK to dynamically generate client credentials, register, and back-up clients. However, you may be less concerned with being able to retrieve lost private keys and more concerned with stronger security. In this case, you may want a client's private key to only ever be available locally, so you will not want to back-up client credentials in TozStore. In this case, you can dynamically generate client credentials and register clients without backing up client credentials in TozStore.

Dynamically generating client credentials using a TozStore SDK requires first generating a client registration token using the Dashboard. When you generate client credentials and register clients with the Dashboard, your Tozny account username and password enable access to the Tozny API. A client registration token stands in for this layer of authentication.

Tozny provides SDK in various languages. All of our SDK's are open source and available on GitHub. Below are some quick links to each of the languages we support.

Client Credentials & Key Management

Key management is a foundational security concern while using TozStore. Most significantly, client credentials include a private key that is critical for security. Making a private key public compromises the security provided by TozStore the same way leaving a key in a lock would undermine the security provided by the lock. Losing access to keys also poses the risk of losing access to data, as data encrypted with a client's credentials cannot be decrypted without the relevant client credentials.

The security of data stored using TozStore depends upon the key management practices used surrounding TozStore tools. The section on Key Management in this guide offers advice on making a key management plan. In this section, the team at Tozny who created the TozStore system will share some of our concerns, best practices, and decisions regarding key management. Hopefully, this will help you confidently and quickly decided on the key management plan that is right for your system.

Once you have decided on a way to manage your client credentials, TozStore provides a few ways to generate client credentials. Clients have the option of whether to store an encrypted back-up of their credentials on the server. In choosing a workflow for registering clients, consider the balance between concerns over the security of private keys and the ability to recover lost private keys.

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